1889 - Count Sergei Stroganov founds his horse stud at the foot of Mt. Zmeika. 2 stallions and 9 mares Stroganov acquired during a trip to Syria and the north Arabian desert in 1888 are to serve as the initial stock for breeding.


1891 – Sheikh Nasra ibn Abdulla donates 2 stallions to Stroganov’s Stud.


1985 – Count Stroganov revisits the middle-east and buys 3 more mares in Damascus

1899 – The Stud has 9 breed stallions and 21 broodmares in stock. The stud’s total stock is 66 purebreed Arab horses, counting yearlings.

1917 – 1921 – The Stroganov Stud is razed during the Russian Civil War.


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